5 Fantastic Reasons To Date A Gamer Today

Written by: Jenny Woodward Reasons to date a gamer today

Who doesn’t love love? It gives your life meaning and your days a purpose. In the inimitable words of The Beatles ‘all you need is love’! But what about when it comes to gamer dating? What makes gamers so great when it comes to the dating game? Well here’s a list of 5 good reasons to date a gamer.

1. Gamers are passionate and focussed

Gamers LOVE to do what they do! Everyone has a thing and for some people it is getting lost playing their favourite game, and gamers more often than not emotionally invest in the characters and plots. Similarly when playing a game then that is all that matters to them. They are focussed and in the zone. This emotional investment is totally transferable across to the world of gamer dating: If you can find someone that has that fire within them, then you could potentially find someone that is passionate and focussed on you too!

2. They are smart

Gamers are super smart: They can fly planes, they can drive tanks, they can swoop in and save a high-value target from a super volatile and dangerous situation…gamers pick up skills as they play, many of which are applicable in the real world. They find new ways of doing things, and see the world with a different set of eyes. It is this enthusiasm for learning that makes gamers amazing partners when it comes to dating!

3. Gamers are creative

Not only are gamers smart but their imaginations are wild and active! If you’re looking for an ideas person that is going to surprise you and keep you on your toes with their bright and creative ideas, then a gamer is just the person for you! Don’t think inside the box when it comes to gamer dating!

4. They value their time

For gamers being punctual is an important thing. If they organise an online match with their friends that starts at 8pm then they understand that if they’re not there on time – if not early – then they miss out! And as the age old adage goes: if you snooze you lose! They know that time is important and precious and they will strive to make the most of their time when engaged with something they love. A relationship, for example!

5. Buying presents is super easy

Shopping for your other half can be difficult at the best of times, but if you date a gamer then things suddenly become a lot easier! No longer do you have to panic buy boxes of chocolates and flowers, or make a last minute dash to the shops to buy socks or impersonal gifts like that…you can instead buy them something related to their gaming hobby! This simple solution really does take a lot of the guesswork out of purchasing presents! Phew!

So there you go: 5 marvellous reasons to date a gamer. "But where am I going to find someone with all these amazing reasons?" we hear you cry. Well there are plenty of wonderful websites out there such as Gamer-Dates. The simple and straightforward layout of Gamer-Dates makes it the obvious choice for those gaming guys and gals looking for love. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find yourself a like-minded, kind-hearted gamer to become the player number 2 in your life!

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