The Dating Game: What To Expect When Dating A Gamer

Written by: Jenny Woodward Dating a gamer

Whether you're a gamer yourself or not, if you're single and are looking to date a partner who is into gaming, you're probably wondering what it's like to date gamers. So what can you expect from a gamer relationship?


Gamers have a really broad imagination, driven and inspired by the vast amount of media, design, and storytelling they consume with every game. This imagination can lead to some creative gamers dates which will help keep your relationship fresh and interesting.


It's easy to please a gamer. Cheer them on when they're winning, get them the latest gadget/game/nerdwear, or for ultimate bonus points, bring them food whilst they game. Understanding their need to game, showing support without diminishing or belittling their interests will lead to them having a greater appreciation for you and the relationship.

More Independence

Having time apart while your gamer date is absorbed in gaming can actually be extremely beneficial. It's easy to put too much pressure on a relationship to provide the majority of your needs and happiness. If you utilise their gaming time to pursue your own hobbies or see friends, it'll help you appreciate the times you are together. You need to be happy with or without your partner, be independent, not codependent.

A Night Owl

Don't be surprised when you roll over in the night to find an empty spot where your gamer date should be lying. The classic gaming lines of "I'll be up in a minute" or "I just need to finish..." can see your partner playing into the bleary-eyed hours. This is a bonus if you ever need to work late or revise for an exam as you'll always have company. Or you can just enjoy having the bed and all the duvet to yourself when you can! At least you won't need to complain about noisy snoring.

A Happy Partner

Gamers enjoy gaming because it makes them happy. Gaming can provide a much-needed escape from real-life pressures such as work, acting as a useful stress reliever. In fact, one study has shown that gaming can benefit your mental health. Finding a partner who knows how to unwind means you're more likely to find they are happier overall. This in turn will make them a nicer person to hang out with!


When you think about it, a relationship can be quite similar to a video game. There are often two players (sometimes more!) There are happy playful times, there can be challenges, maybe some fighting, but ultimately all players want to win. Gamers will have the much-needed skills to navigate any tests your relationship encounters. Gamers are not quitters so they are unlikely to give up on the relationship easily. Their determination to succeed means this love story will be able to withstand the ups and downs of life.

We think you'll agree there are some fantastic positives when dating a gamer. If you haven't already, jump on GamersDates and start searching for your perfect mate, they might even let you be their player two.

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